Sanlins might be the race with the strangest death ritual on Andromada. When an elder feels the end getting close, they will go on a pilgrimage to their holy city of Etter. There they will be blessed by a high priest/priestess, and sent to the temple of eternal sleep. Here they are given their own tomb, to place their belongings for the afterlife. And a sarcophagus to lay in. It is said that all who enter die of old age minutes later.

If a Sanlin is killed or unable to reach Etter (It is rare that they don't make it), someone will send them using the departed money. Tho the ceremony is free, it will normally cost to send them there. If they do not have any money, their family is asked to pay for it. And if this doesn't work, the possessions of the dead is sold to make money for the journey.

It is rare that a Sanlin is not able to reach Etter. There have even been reports of enemy soldiers paying for the men Sanlins they have killed.