All are enlisted into the military at the age of 13. Not all are taken into the military, but around 70-80% are. Those who aren’t become farmers etc. These Heldom are considered lesser and often bring shame onto their family

Those who become soldiers spend a minimum of 7 years is mandatory service. When they are done they pick a profession of their choosing. They will then work as this in times of peace. But are required to spend 3 months a year in training

They have wings but without special training they are only useful for short leaps and gliding

They live in mountainous areas, which makes them highly efficient in uneven terrain.

Are regarded as the best fighters on Andromada

They only have one “god”. The god of death. If they die in combat or in some heroic way they are taken to their version of heaven. But if they die in a normal way. Say by disease or old age. They are reincarnated until the die the “proper” way

Current emperor is An a'ra