The typical Guardian. Easily recognized by their white and gold armor.

Guardians of light, more commonly called Guardians, are some of Andromadas elite fighters. These elite men and women are chosen by Etha, some based on their skill in battle, but most for their devotion to the light and Etha.

There is no guarantee that you will ever become a Guardian, yet men and women of all races travel to the Temple of the Goddess, high up on the Hearth of the world, for the potential of becoming one. Not many are allowed entrance, but those who do make a sacred woe to the order, even before becoming a Guardian.

The Guardians are first and foremost the elementals first line of defense. But in times of peace they are asked to choose their own path. Where helping others and doing something for the greater good is set in the highest esteem. Failing to do so would lead to a trial where ones fate is decided. Depending on the crime committed, this could be anything from being expelled from the order, death or at the very worst being banished to the dark age.

Guardians are often given high military positions in most civilizations, due to their combat training and need to do "do the right thing". It is also not unheard of for people to drop everything they are doing when a Guardian passes by,out of respect and some even fear.

If a Guardian ever reaches the rank of General, they are given the curse/blessing of immortality, so that they may better serve the order